Lowrider Magazine, 1977

Low Rider magazine was started by three San Jose State students – Larry Gonzalez, Sonny Madrid and David Nunez. The three founders were actively involved in the Chicano movement at the university. They sought to establish a strong voice in their Bay Area community as their Mexican-American pride grew in the 1960s and early 1970s. Much has been written about the huge impact of this magazine. The founders created a platform that ultimately spread the lowrider culture globally. It also helped build a strong multi-cultural and multi-generational community centered around lowrider cars and Chicano culture. Enjoy! C/S
Fact: Teen Angel’s apartment still exists one block from the San Jose State University campus.

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    Lowrider Magazine

  • Dated

    January, 1977

  • Issue

    Volume 1, Number 1

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