Teen Angel's, 1981

Known for its black and white prison-style art, poetic prison letters, and depictions of various barrios across the west, Teen Angels not only helped popularize Chicano street culture, but the iconic art behind it. The magazine, founded in 1979 (published in 1981) by San Jose-based artist David Holland aka Teen Angel, became a mainstay at Chicano-clothing stores and lowrider shows over its 35 year existence. In many ways, it even served as the first national platform Chicanos used to communicate with each other prior to the web. Featuring the iconic “Las Wannabees” on the cover. Published with permission by David De Baca of Teen Angel Magazine.

Fact: Teen Angel’s apartment still exists one block from the San Jose State University campus.

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    Lowrider Publication / Art Magazine

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    Volume 1, Number 1

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